Zoo Parc de Beauval

Make the most of your stay in the Val Fleuri to spend a magical day at the Zoo Parc de Beauval in Saint-Aignan. 10 000 extraordinary animals representing 600 species are waiting for you on a 40 hectare park. Some of these animals are unique in France, such as giant pandas (and their famous baby Yuan Meng), koalas or Tasmanian devils.

Beauval was often the first zoological park to present certain animals in France, which contributed to its fame and development. It was notably the first to present leucic fawns, white tigers and white lions in the 1990s. Even today, several of the species presented are rare in France, such as the okapi, the manatee and the Indian rhinoceros, or even unique in France, such as the giant panda, the koala and Goodfellow's dendrolagus. In 2017, ZooParc de Beauval becomes the first French park, and the fourth in Europe, to successfully reproduce the giant panda.

Four greenhouses present birds, great apes, sloths, reptiles, manatees and Australasian animals, while three plains present herbivores of the African savannah (giraffes, white rhino, wildebeest, antelopes), African elephants and Asian herbivores (Indian rhino, Malaysian tapirs, antelopes...).

Other noteworthy installations in the park are the Chinese zone entitled "On the Heights of China", an African zone with the Hippo Reserve and Lions' Land, as well as the two areas devoted to: the sea lion basin presenting "The Sea Lions' Odyssey" and the open-air theatre of the free-flying bird show entitled "The Masters of the Air".

You will also be able to benefit from new face-to-face encounters during educational activities, by following the work of the caretakers, the feeding of the animals for example.