The Château de Chambord was built on marshy land from 1519 at the request of François I, then a very young king but already a great lover of the arts and hunting. French and Italian influences are closely intertwined.

The castle is built on the model of medieval castles, with a square keep in the centre with 4 towers. Inside the keep, there are 5 habitable levels.

A double spiral staircase, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, is the centre of this architectural work where the exteriors abound with terraces dominated by fireplaces and sculpted capitals.

The building was not completed until the reign of Louis 14 in the 17th century with the fitting out of its surroundings, the construction of the stables and the channelling of the Cosson river. Louis 15, in the 18th century, focused on the interior layout.

Chambord is a world apart, full of mystery. Visit freely or in the company of a guide its 70 rooms that bear witness to 500 years of history.

Then stroll through the French and English gardens. Chambord returned to its formal gardens in 2017. The English garden is a pleasant transition between the village and its church, and the castle.