The estate of Cheverny, a seigneurial property, has always been inhabited for six centuries and each generation strives with passion to maintain and also to embellish it. Château de Cheverny was the first castle to be opened to the public in 1922. Here you will enjoy all the splendours and delights of Castle Life. From the Botanical Park to the splendid interior of the Château,
From the Kennels to the 3D Museum "Les secrets de Moulinsart" and from the gardens to the forest park, the owners invite you to discover a fantastic heritage, authentic and alive.

The castle presents unique pieces of furniture and remarkably preserved interior fittings. The apartments on the 1st floor bear witness to the French art of living: the birth room, the children's bedroom, the private dining room...

The castle is surrounded by an English park composed of magnificent and remarkable trees (sequoias, cedars and lime trees) planted between 1820 and 1860 by Paul de Vibraye. Embark on board of boats and electric cars for a pleasant and relaxing visit.

The apprentices' garden which changes colours every season, the tulip garden in bloom in March and April and the Caucasus laurel maze will complete this visit of the estate, for the pleasure of young and old alike.

Cheverny is also a mecca for venery. The kennels date back to 1850 and are home to around a hundred dogs that can be seen at any time of day during your visit. You will also be able to attend the dog soup. The baptism of the puppies takes place once a year in May. Don't hesitate to participate, by giving a name to one of the puppies of Cheverny's pack!

The castle of Cheverny inspired Hergé. It served as a model for the castle of Moulinsart. A permanent interactive exhibition allows you to discover on 700m² the universe of the characters of Tintin's adventures.